About Us

Dance ImageLujianping Dance & Arts is a world-renowned dance school staffed by professionally trained dance instructors who are committed to developing their students into the best dancers they can be. All instructors are skilled in our specialized dance training techniques and have years of actual stage experience. The artistic and historical insights that come from our many years of experience give our students a special appreciation of dance and make them some of the best dancers in the area.

Our dance curriculum is derived from that of professional dance schools in China and has been tailored for students in the Bay Area. Chinese classical dance, Chinese folk dance, ballet, and basic technical training are available to students at different experience levels, starting from the age of four years old. Beginning, intermediate, advanced, group and private classes are available. Students need no prior experience. Students will be grouped based on their experience.

There are two conveniently located dance studios in the Bay Area, San Jose (near Cupertino) and Pleasanton.


Dance Image陆建萍舞蹈艺术中心是一所专门从事中国舞蹈艺术教育的准专业舞蹈学校,一流的师资和完善的管理是我们办学成功的保障,教学严谨和爱生师表是我们办学的准则,让每一位学生学有所得学有所精更是我们的办学目标。


我们的主校坐落于San Jose/Cupertino,并在Pleasanton城市设有分校。开设的课程有中国古典舞、民间舞、儿童舞、芭蕾和形体训练(成人)等,并根据不同的年龄和基础设有相应的儿童班、初级班、中级班、高级班和成人班等,学生的招收年龄从4岁起。